A storyboard test I did for WB's Wacky Races:


Below is a sequence I boarded from thumbs for Disenchantment 109.
Elfo, having been banished from Dreamland, seeks refuge alone in the forest, afraid of what might be lurking in the shadows.


Below is a sequence I boarded from script for Clash of Clans’ youtube series “Clash-a-Rama”

Beyond this is work that is fairly old, circa 2016-’17. My current work on DNT Season 2 and other shows are under wraps. Please contact me to access more recent storyboard & writing work!


This was a passion project boarded & animated for Titmouse's 5 Second Day screening 2017. It's a 2-minute proof-of-concept of a larger project. The short follows a band that finds itself missing a vocalist, who has stagefright.

Ben 10 Storyboard Test

For Cartoon Network's newest season of Ben 10. TEST ONLY.

Little Big Awesome Board Test

Done for Amazon's show "Little Big Awesome," produced at Titmouse, following a script excerpt. TEST ONLY.

Callie Ride (excerpt)

Board excerpt of a short I pitched to Nickelodeon for their Nick Shorts Program 2015-16.

The short follows Callie Ride, a kid mechanical genius and motorcycle engineer who gets challenged to a race against a rich kid with a store-bought speedy scooter. The overzealous Callie isn't able to resist building the biggest, most powerful bike she can to beat him. When her bike ends up being too unwieldy to get to the finish line, Callie has to learn when to put on the brakes.

Sleep Awake

Some of my favorite boards, along with visdev and backgrounds, not really in any particular order, from my 2015 thesis film, Sleep Awake.